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Pat & Roger Riordan

My name is Roger Riordan. I was born in Melbourne in 1934, and during the war I lived at Mt Dandenong, where I attended the local State School, and then Upwey High, & acquired a love of Botany, Photography, and Science. In 1951 I started Electrical Engineering at Melbourne University as a resident at Trinity College, and graduated in 1954. I had become interested in Mountaineering & I met Shirley-Anne (Sally) Yeo on a trip with 3 girls to the then totally undeveloped Kings Canyon in 1960. We married in 1961, and we had three children, now scattered around the globe.

I met my first computer at CSIRO in 1967 & have been hooked ever since. I wrote the first version of the Vet Anti-Viral software in 1989, and when we sold it in 1999 we set aside part of the proceeds for charitable purposes. We originally sold VET through Cybec Pty Ltd, and this was the inspiration for the Cybec Foundation.

After selling the business we set off for England in May 1999 for our first real holiday for many years, but Sally died of a heart attack four days after we arrived. On the 10th of March 2000 I married long-time family friend Pat Herman, but after we had had 10 good years together she died of cancer in December 2010.

This web page is effectively my scrapbook. It contains:

My photo album, with a selection of our holiday snaps and my natural history photos

Information about my career, publications, rants & sundry articles

Notes on my family background and family legends

Memories and poems, assorted papers, historical information and odds and ends

My Family

Photo Album

My best photos


Memories, Poems


Assorted papers

About the website

Related websites


The CYBEC Foundation

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