Pterostylus pedunculata colony

General view

The colony continued to flourish, but in about 2010 the almond tree (which had been almost killed by possums), began to lean alarmingly, and I reluctantly decided to have it removed. This meant that I had to remove the bricks, so the roots could be grubbed out, and then relay them. Before the work started I rescued as many bulbs as I could and parked them in an old washing up dish. Then the next summer I replanted the bulbs (of which there were hundreds) into every potential site I could find.

Pterostylus pedunculata colony

Another view

Now there are only two surviving colonies, and only one, which is a few meters north of the original spot, on the south side of a large and unfortunately very tired lemon tree, is flourishing, and has since grown from a few bulbs to 100 or more.

The microclimate is quite similar to that of the previous spot - well watered with only shaded sunlight, so it seems that this is what the plants need.

(Up to date photos to follow: 14/5/17.)
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