Roger Riordan: Trip to Kings Canyon 1960

There wasn't much traffic on the road, and at the end of the day we would simply drive a short distance off the road and stop. We'd knock over a couple of dead mulga trees for our fire, and we didn't bother to put up tents -- we just lay our ground sheets down, and put our sleeping bags on top of them, with our tents on top of that. The girls were keen on washing, both of themselves and their clothes. One night Win took a dish of water off into the bush, but found she had forgotten her soap. She came back for the soap, and then spent a long time looking for her (not so) hot water.

I don't remember where I took the flower photos -- every now and then we would come across a small green patch where there had been a recent thunderstorm, and these flowers are a selection from all these patches. The plants have an extremely short life cycle -- a single heavy shower is sufficient for them to grow from seed, flower and set new seed ready for the next shower.

The Sturts Desert Pea is really an amazing sight. We only came upon a couple of plants, but both the flowers and the leaves are really beautiful. (And note the tiny insect just below the flowers on the left hand stem). The worst hazard in this country is the bindyeyes, which are weeds that drop thousands of sharp four pointed seeds in the sand. These are very painful to tread on, so you can't go anywhere without shoes.


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