Roger Riordan: Trip to Kings Canyon 1960

Somewhere along the way we ran into a group of aboriginal stockman herding cattle along the road. I think these were the only aboriginals we met on this trip. Not long before our turn off we noticed the unusual peaks of the Seymour range east of the road, so we stopped and climbed them. When we got home I sold several photos, including the one of Sally on the top of the range, to the magazine Walkabout (or more precisely to the Australian National travel Association, who were the publishers), and several times Sally was inside back cover girl in Walkabout.

We turned off for Tempe Downs Homestead shortly before Henbury, and the road went past the Henbury Meteorite Crater a few miles from the main road, so we stopped and explored it. The crater is very old, but it is still quite deep. When we reached Tempe Downs we called in to notify them of our intentions, to find out about the track, and to arrange for a search party to be sent out if we weren't back in two weeks.

From Tempe Downs a very faint track went approximately west, north of Mount Levi and then along the south side of the George Gill range. It followed a river bed, and was mostly in pretty good condition, although there was the odd patch of sand. We were told that only two or three cars went that way each year.

Aboriginal Stockmen

Mulga ant nest

Desert waterhole

Along the road

Mt Levi

Seymour Range

Henbury Crater

The road west

Along the road

George Gill Range

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