Roger Riordan: Trip to Kings Canyon 1960

The George Gill Range consists of a fairly steep escarpment running approximately west with chasms coming down every so often from the plateau behind. Each chasm had a permanent waterhole at its foot. I have forgotten the names and the order of the water holes, but I think that Reedies was the last, and we made our base camp there. We spent several days exploring the high country behind the water hole, and found some beautiful country.

I have no idea of the order in which these photos were taken, or whether they were all at the one waterhole. The girls were all confident walkers, and we weren't in the least worried about setting off for the day into totally unknown country, relying purely on our ability to read the country to find our way home again.

The waterhole shown in "Lonely Pool" was a very pleasant surprise. We were following a slight drainage channel across a relatively flat, but quite barren, stony plateau when we came upon this beautiful pool more or less in the middle of nowhere. Although it was quite a hot day the water was very cold and we were not tempted to swim!

Modern highway!

Another pool

Above Reedies

Lonely pool

What a view!

Reedies Pool

And another

Above Reedies

And again

And another

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