Roger Riordan: Trip to Kings Canyon 1960

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I think we only allowed one day to explore King's Canyon. We reached it fairly early in the morning, and after we had driven as far as we could be left the car among the fairly thick vegetation at the head of the valley. We climbed up the east wall until we came to the foot of the cliff, and we walked along under the cliff to the head of the valley. The wind had cut an almost circular bowl there, which contained a beautiful pool. However this was fed by a waterfall, and surrounded by vertical cliffs, so we could not progress any further.

We walked back down the creek to the mouth of the canyon, and then we walked up along the cliff on the west of the canyon as far as we could go. The cliffs on both sides were almost vertical with a very considerable drop. The cliff on the east side was almost overhanging, and looked as if it had been plastered with a giant trowel. It was the most amazing sight.

On the return trip we spent a day exploring Illara Rock, not far from Tempe Downs. We found more cliffs, and more ghost gums, and the most beautiful windcut cave, where I took the photo of Sally, which has had pride of place in our dining room ever since. There is also a copy of it in the Flying Doctor Service waiting room at Kalgoorlie, to go with the plane named the Sally Riordan, which we paid to have fitted out as an aerial ambulance. The photo of the party is taken somewhere along the George Gill Range.

Among rocks

Stone Dog

Head of Canyon


Sally in cave

Gentle bluff

Head of Canyon

Plastered wall

Rock Arch

The team

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