Roger Riordan: Miscellaneous photos 1961

Early in our marriage Sally and I paid an unofficial visit to the Lilydale Quarry one weekend. The most memorable thing we saw was the incredibly thick coating of lime on the machinery shed. This quarry has long-since closed.

There are also a few photos taken at Talbotville, either on a YHA trip, or on a private trip Sally and I did with Jay and Andrew at New Year, 1961. The postmistress had kept the Post Office running (and herself in a job) by writing lots of letters to herself, and getting all her visiting friends to post them back to her, thereby satisfying the number of letters required to keep the post office open.

However she had left not long before our visit in 1961, and the buildings were still in relatively good order. When we went back a few years later on a YHA trip they had nearly all vanished. I believe that there is nothing but blackberries and a few fruit trees left there now.

There are a motley collection of other photos showing the family home at Mount Dandenong after a memorable snowstorm, an MUMC party on the Razorback, the old suspension bridge at San Remo and other odds and ends.

Maranoa Gdns

Beard orchid

Mountain ash

San Remo

The Cathedral

Bush track

Comb fern

Mt St Leonard

San Remo

The Razorback

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