Roger Riordan: Miscellaneous photos 1961

When Sally and I met I was working for the CSIRO Division of Mechanical Engineering at Highett, and she was working for the CSIRO Division of Atmospheric Physics at Aspendale, though we did not meet through our work. Sally was an Experimental Officer with a permanent position, but when we married she was demoted to temporary status, and when she carelessly mentioned that we were thinking about a family she was summarily fired.

The CSIRO Division of Entomology Research in Canberra had been developing a "Phytotron", which contained a large number of environmentally controlled cabinets in which plants could be grown in a controlled environment, and I had designed the temperature controllers for these cabinets.

The Phytotron was officially opened in the spring of either 1961 or 1962, and we went to Canberra for the opening. Preparations were being made for the flooding of Lake Burley Griffin, and I took several photos of the bridge being built. These photos are some of the more historically interesting ones from the trip.


New bridge


by night

Distant view


New bridge

The Library

Houses of Parl't

Black Mountain

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(Spring 1962?)