Canada & Japan 2004

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Starting the trip

Bobbie Burns 5-7.7.04

Lodgepole pines

Bobbie Burns Lodge 7.7.04

Among the glaciers

Bobbie Burns Lodge 8.7.04

Off to the Bugaboos


Exploring the Bugaboos


Dirty weather

Rock climbing. 11.7.04

Off to Whistler

Mountain goats. 12.7.04

Burchart Gardens

Victoria Island 17.7.04

Exploring Tokyo

Tokyo 18.7.04

Fuji & Lake Hakone


On top of the world

In the Bugaboos

In 2001 we travelled through the Canadian Rockies by train, and I had wished that I could still walk among those magnificent peaks. So, when we heard about helihiking in the Rockies in 2004, and realised that we could achieve this dream, we booked with alacrity.

The tour, organised by Tauck, included three nights at the Bobbie Burns Lodge and four at the nearby Bugaboos Lodge. Each morning we flew up among the peaks to spend the day walking with a guide through pristine mountain scenery, and almost the whole time we enjoyed an endless vista of snowclad peaks.

It was early in the season, and the weather was sometimes dubious, but it was too early for the flies, which are a real pest later in the season, and as the snow melted the Alpine flowers popped up to make the most of the limited growing season.

At the end of the day, we were picked up again and taken back to our very comfortable Lodge for the night. The food was excellent, the company very enjoyable and the scenery magnificent.

We returned via Vancouver, Whistler and Tokyo.

Tauck no longer offer this trip, but you can book it directly with Canadian Mountain Holidays

This is the first item
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