2007: Ecuador

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Fruit stall, Baños

Sugar cane sections at front

In February 2007, after we had gone to Europe with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on their tour, we went on to Ecuador, primarily so that we could visit the Galapagos Islands. After a day in Quito we took a seven-day cruise in the Galapagos.

This was fascinating, and the wildlife proved to be very obliging (apart from the giant tortoises, who are hopeless models, as they move at about a meter a day, and like to hide in the shade under dense bushes), so we took far too many photos.

Then we spent a few days at the Luna Runtun resort, which is perched on a cliff (on the side of Mt Tungurahua, an active volcano, height 5,016m), high above the town of Baños. Friends took us to Puyo, on a tributary of the Amazon, and on the way we saw a magnificent waterfall, and some gorgeous flowers.

At Puyo we saw a group of local ladies sitting on rocks in the river washing their clothes by banging them on the rocks. We were rather startled when we noticed that one of them was chatting on a mobile phone while she banged!

During our visit the volcano was being coy, and hiding its head in the clouds. A week after we got home we were peeved to see photos in the paper showing it erupting spectacularly. (However this might have been a bit exciting in our lodge!)

Quito, Ecuador

Luna Runtun Resort

The Amazon Valley


This is the first item
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