2007: North-West Australia

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Juvenile saltwater crocodile

Kimberley. 23.6.2007

After a few days visiting relations in Perth, we flew to Broome, where we joined the Kimberley Quest II for a seven-day cruise along the Kimberley coast.


This is a classic sunken coast, with innumerable deep valleys and islands, and there is a very large tidal range. There are many fringing reefs, and many of the inlets are lined with (almost) impenetrable mangrove thickets.

Then we flew to Mount Borradale in Arnhem Land, visiting Kununurra and Darwin on the way. It is not supposed to rain in the dry season, but it was raining so heavily in Kununurra that our plane made two attempts to get there, and we only had time for a quick -- and photographically unrewarding -- flight over the Bungle Bungle Range.

Mount Borradale has extensive freshwater lagoons teeming with water birds, water lilies and crocodiles. It also has many escarpments riddled with caves. Many of these were used for shelter by the native people for many generations, and have layer upon layer of native artwork.

After Mount Borradale we spent a few more days at Seven Spirit Bay, on the tip of the Coburg Peninsula.


Cable Beach

Kimberley Quest II

Camden Harbour

Kings Cascades

Kununurra & Darwin

Mt Borradale

Seven Spirit Bay

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