2007: North-West Australia

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Juvenile saltwater crocodile

Kimberley. 23.6.2007

The family has always been interested in photography, and there are a vast number of photos lying around the house. A few years ago I bought a Nikon Coolpix 4500, which I chose because of its excellent capability for macro photography. When this was stolen in 2004, I replaced its with a Coolpix 8700. In 2004 Pat and I went helihiking in Canada, and when we came back I put a few of the photos on our Web page.

Since then I have added a selection of the best photos from each of our trips.

In 2007 I designed the Cydalba Album Engine, and entered all the holiday albums in it. This makes it much simpler to enter new albums, and makes it easy to modify the appearance of existing albums.

In 2009 I replaced the Nikon with a Pentax X70, then a Pentax X90. This is very lightweight, but has an extraordinary zoom and macro range. It has its' limitations -- it is not good in poor light, and it is useless for action photography -- but under good conditions it gives excellent photos (and makes an excellent delayed action telescope), and I use it for almost everything.

Roger Riordan 2007.


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Kimberley Quest II

Camden Harbour

Kings Cascades

Kununurra & Darwin

Mt Borradale

Seven Spirit Bay

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