Roger Riordan: Some local birds

Chestnut Teal, Silver Gulls & Crested Tern

My favourite walk starts at the Dendy Street bathing boxes, and goes north along the beach towards the Baths. Halfway along is a groyne sheltering the outset of a stormwater drain, and providing a relatively sheltered cove frequented by number of species of birds. I used to go out to the end of the pier, but recently I've been content if I get as far as this cove. Birds seen recently include:

Little Grebe: Podiceps novaehollandiae

Chestnut Teal: Anas castanea

Pacific Gull: Larus pacificus

Silver Gull: Larus novaehollandiae

Sooty Oystercatcher: Haematopus fliginosus

Black Swan: Cygnus atratus

Crested Tern: Sterna bergii

Superb Blue Wren: Malurus Cyaneus


The different species usually ignore each other, although the silver gulls tend to bully everything in sight.

Chestnut Teal

Pacific Gulls

Silver Gulls

'Peg-Leg Pete'

Crested Tern

Black Swans

Blue Wrens

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