Pat Riordan

Pats grandchildren

In latter years Pat loved spending time with her grandchildren Matthew, Ayva and Sam


When Pat came to Melbourne she joined Woodlands Golf Club, and remained a member for almost 50 years. She later joined Peninsula Golf Club, where she was an active member almost until she died. In April 2010 she played in the Club Pennant Team and scored a hole-in-one - her first ever! She loved and treasured the companionship and friendship of her fellow members.

Pat and John first met Sally and Roger Riordan when their first children started kindergarten. Their boys played together while they were at primary school, and the two families became good friends. For several years Pat was part-time secretary to Roger and Sally in their business, Cybec Electronics.

Pat worked for many years as a highly respected personal secretary. She enjoyed meeting and spending time with people, and had a wide circle of loyal friends. She also enjoyed shopping, and had a good sense of style and quality, an eye for a bargain, and often advised or enticed friends to buy.


When John died Pat remained friends with Roger and Sally, and after Sally died in 1999 Pat and Roger married on 10.3.2000. They continued the charitable work Sally and Roger had started in 1996, and in 2002 they set up the Cybec Foundation. Pat made an invaluable contribution to the Foundation with her business skills, and her ability to quickly assess the character of the people with whom they dealt, and helped develop and maintain warm relations with their many beneficiaries.

They also enjoyed trips to many parts of the world, on which they made a number of friends. Despite several bouts of cancer, Pat continued living a fun filled life of service to others. She was always cheerful, positive, helpful and thinking of others. In the second half of 2010 the cancer returned, and spread rapidly. Pat died peacefully in her own bed, surrounded by her loving family.


These two pages reproduce the summary of Pat's life issued at her Farewell.

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Leaflet given out at Pat's wake (part 2)