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Adrian Riordan & daughter

John James Riordan (1815-1886) was the first member of our branch of the family to arrive in Australia. He was born in Cork, Ireland in 1815, and emigrated to Australia with his wife Christine (nee Coghlan) (1815-1882). They arrived in Sydney in about 1839. He died in Sydney in 1886.

He and Christine lived in a cottage near Hyde Park, where they raised nine children. His second son, Timothy, was my great grandfather.

Timothy Riordan (1893-1908) worked as a building contractor, and married a young 'widow', Rose Grady (1839-1918), and they had four children. I discovered fairly recently that this marriage was the cause of a major scandal in the family, which probably explains a lot about the family (See Skeletons in the cupboard). Their second son, William, was my grandfather.

William Bede Riordan (1875-1928) worked in the New South Wales civil service, and married Catherine Ann Stafford (1878-1968). They had two sons; Brabazon Richard (Dick) and Adrian William.

Adrian William Riordan (1903-1966) was a graduate of the Royal Military College, Duntroon. He married my mother, Roslyn Newell Rutherford (1893-1979), in 1930. They had three children; Richard, Roger, and Julienne.


James Riordan

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Skeletons in the cupboard

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Skeletons in the cupboard

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