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Wednesday 10th [April 1934?]

14 Rosedale Grove

Ivanhoe N21 (?) Vic

Dear Aunt Marcia,

I was so glad to have your letter and all the gossip from the family. Poor old darling, you do have a rotten time in many ways! I hope things are going better now than when you wrote and that Uncle is taking more interest in life.

Many thanks for your congratulations. Roger is a darling little thing, not quite so big as Rick, only nine pounds, and darker, but is growing so fast that we have started bathing (?) him! Which is all very well for him but a little uncomfortable for me. I don't think I can be blamed for keeping him quiet, your Daisy knew at least three months before! I wanted her to come over to stay with me, but she said she could not leave her family. I should have loved to have her. She is such an old darling.

I have been wonderfully well the whole time and had a marvellous confinement. When I went into hospital I told the doctor I would need him about midnight. However, he and the matron both said "no, not before seven in the morning". So gave me a sleeping injection. The matron was up to another case and thought she heard something in my room, and sure enough she had to hold the baby back so the doctor could get there! He came running down the back lane in his pyjamas! Roger arrived at 12:45 so I was not far out!

I woke just as the doctor arrived. Four days after I came home Adrian had to go off to a school and has been away ever since. He will be back next weekend.

Although it has been awful without him, it has, on the other hand been a wonderful rest, for I don't get up before eight or later and we have midday dinner and do nothing all day long. I have a mothercraft nurse for Roger. She goes off the day Adrian arrives back. I have not yet heard of a domestic, but hope to do so before he comes home. I could get no one before I went into hospital. Adrian's cousin came down a week before Roger was born, to take charge of the men while he was away, but otherwise I had no help all the time he was coming, except on washing day.

Rick is talking very well now. He gets things a bit mixed such as "uldy" for "lady", but we can understand the bulk of his conversation. Like Bruce he is mad on motors of all kinds, from "tractor motor" to "sky motor". Roger has huge round eyes, very dark blue and full of sparks and flashes, but otherwise very like Rick. If the next one is not a girl I shall be in hysterics! For Rick's sake I was very glad to have another boy.

I have always liked Katherine Machattie better than Mary. She is a much nicer child, I think. Poor old Pop, I do hope he is better again. He has had a nasty time. It is to be hoped the domestics turn out well. A lone man is so much at the mercy of his housekeeper. I had great accounts of Kath's cottage -- has it been a financial success? I hope so.

Dear old kid, one can't imagine her in business! It seems only yesterday, she was telling John, when arguing with her, I'll make you eat a stone, John, I'll make you eat a weally big "tone"! I hear nothing good of Harry Lee. What a pity they did not make an artist of him, then he could lie in bed all day if he wanted to!

Mary writes now and then. I do so love to hear from her. It is great to think she's keeping her end up in a place like London, where the market must be flooded with seekers. I do hope Molly is right and that she is also successful. It would make all the difference in the world to her if she were.

There is no doubt that no matter how fond one may be, love is not complete till the infant arrives. Nothing could be sweeter or dearer than Adrian and Rick together. I feel that I have given something worthwhile to the world in producing so much love and happiness. I can say that to you, Auntie because I know you are not sufficiently modern to scoff!

I loved hearing from you, especially when I know how busy you are. Do come to see me next time you're over this way. Roger is 37 inches tall. See if Bruce can equal that at two years!!

With love and best wishes to you all.

Yours affectionately, Roslyn

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