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Sally, Michael & Jane Yeo

Sally (officially Shirley-Anne) Yeo was born in Southsea, UK on 2 October 1934. She was the first child of Reginald Arthur Yeo (15.8.1904 - 1.4.1968) and Beatrice Rose Snelling (25.4.1907 - 5.2.1974), who married in 1932. She had a sister Jane Elizabeth Yeo (4.2.1937 - 2007) and a brother Michael (born 4.7.1939).

Her father studied Science at the Imperial College in London and then joined the British Civil Service, working with the Royal Naval Scientific Service from its inception until his retirement in January 1957. Before and during the war he was a member of the team developing radar under Sir Robert Watson Watt.

During and after the war the family lived in a succession of houses in the vicinity of Haslemere (between Guildford & Portsmouth). In 1956 her father was appointed to the Australian Broadcasting Control Board in Melbourne to assist in the introduction of television for the Melbourne Olympic Games, and in 1957 Sally, Michael and their mother followed him to Australia. Jane, who was studying medicine, remained to complete her degree, and never moved to Australia.


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