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Sally at Met Physics

Sally attended The Grove School, Hindhead, UK from 1941 to 1950 and then did an external BSC at London University, studying at Guildford Technical College. When she graduated with a general BSc (Ext) in 1956 she joined the National Institute of Oceanography at Wormley as an experimental officer, where she did some interesting work on evaporation, resulting in the co-authorship of one paper. In 1957 she came with her family to Melbourne, and got a job as an Experimental Officer with the CSIRO Division of Meteorological Physics at Aspendale.

Sally had been a permanent employee at CSIRO, but as soon as we announced our engagement she was reduced to a temporary employee, and when in 1962 she let slip that we were thinking of having a family she was promptly fired. She had had an uneasy feeling that she had only got her position at Aspendale through her father's influence, and this only reinforced her suspicions, seriously damaging her already low self-esteem.

After a couple of years at home with Peter she became interested in pottery, and did a course at Caulfield Technical College. In 1982 she applied for a job as an assistant in the printing department at St Leonard's College, and discovered that she had an aptitude for the work. She became quite expert at operating the rather temperamental machinery, and when computers were introduced she soon mastered the art of page design, and was highly valued by the teachers for her skill in helping them realise their ideas.

When Vet started to grow she left St Leonard's to work for Cybec, where her friendly and sympathetic nature contributed a great deal to the smooth running and pleasant atmosphere of the company.

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