Sally Riordan

Mother's Meeting

After Sally had been at home with Peter for about a year she enrolled in a pottery course at Caulfield Tech. She enjoyed it, so we bought her a wheel and a kiln, and she proceeded to fill the house with pottery. When she had filled our house, and all her friends houses, she started doing pottery stalls at fetes and the like.

This involved dealing with many different people, and she gradually built up her self-confidence. She loved growing things, and she became interested in bonsai, and we had a beautiful collection. Unfortunately in 2009 they changed the watering restrictions just before Pat and I went away in the New Year, so I had to replace the sprinklers with drips, and a connection blew out while we were away, so the bonsais weren't watered and most of them died.

In about 1983 Sally had a heart attack, and she switched to watercolour, as it was less strenuous, but it also gave her a lot of pleasure.

She also liked cooking, and when we spent a year in California in 1964 the bread was so awful that she began baking her own, and continued to do so until the children left home. "Melton Mowbray" pork pies were one of her specialties, and she usually made a few extra for her friends, who regarded them as a treat. For a while after we gave up our factory she supplemented the family income by selling them to local shops.

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Sally's hobbies