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In May 1999, after we had sold our business, Sally and I set out for England for our first real holiday for many years. We started our trip in Henley-on-Thames, where Sally's sister Jane and her husband Rick lived, and on our first day we all visited Remenham Wood, a beautiful spot near Henley, with a magnificent carpet of bluebells. We had a very happy time exploring the local countryside, and on the fourth day we went to Kew Gardens, then took Jane and Rick out to a most enjoyable dinner in a local restaurant.

We were staying in a B&B next door, and as we returned to our room Sally had a heart attack and collapsed on the bed. She was taken to Reading Hospital by ambulance, where she died early the next morning.

We had her cremated, and after a small ceremony at the crematorium Rick, Jane & I scattered half her ashes in Remenham Wood.

I brought the rest home and on June 25th we held a Farewell for her in the Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens. After the ceremony I planted a recently discovered eucalypt in the Anderson Street lawns and scattered the rest of her ashes around it.

A large number of Sally's friends attended, and several of them spoke in her memory.

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Farewell at Botanic Gardens