Sally Riordan

[Frances Ludgate]


The first member of the Riordan household that I met was Boris the dog, who made it to their front door slightly ahead of Sally. This was on the day of my interview to work for Cybec, Roger and Sally's new software company, which then employed just 4 people.

Sally and Roger complemented each other very well - Sally breaking the ice for Roger in her chatty and welcoming way. At Cybec in the early days, Sally provided us with little treats from time to time, and if we were really lucky, her famous "Wicked Chocolate Cake", which she always assured us was really easy to make and for which she gave me the recipe - at least twice! I am sorry to say that I have still not made it.

Sally always reminded me of my own Mum - someone who always thinks the best of everyone - not naive about people, but optimistic about human nature. I don't think there was a nasty bone in her body. Another similarity between the two of them, was thrift! At Cybec, Sally put her shopping skills to good use, purchasing just about every piece of furniture in the company.

She was so well-known at "Pre-Owned Office Furniture" (on South Road) that it got to the stage that if they had a good bargain, they would call her first.

Thanks to Sally, we also have a complete history of Cybec in photos - not an occasion passed without Sally dutifully snapping it for posterity. I'm not sure what posterity is going to make of some of them - for example, the time that we had 8 adults chasing a house martin around the office after it flew in by mistake, or Roger opening the new office at Hampton Street with a Samurai Sword, and the dinner when we all dressed up as our favourite computer viruses.

I think that just about all the Cybec staff with gardens have benefited from Sally's green fingers - mine certainly has. Sally managed to produce more in her garden than would fit, and often the excess was brought to work for those who wanted it.

All of us were stunned when we heard about Sally's sudden death, and we will miss her very much. We have all been very lucky to work for the company that she and Roger grew from a tiny seedling 10 years ago, and we are all very grateful for their generosity to us all this year. When I sat next to Sally at her last ever Cybec dinner in February, she told me how much pleasure it gave her to listen to everyone's plans.

Roger - our thoughts are with you and your family - you can be sure that Sally will not be forgotten - her memory will live on through the many things she left behind - her photos, her plants, her chocolate cake recipes and her kindness.

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Tribute from Frances Ludgate