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The Transistor

Transcript of an article written in 1954

The Riordan Gyrator

A brief but revolutionary paper

The Polysearch Algorithm

Michelangelo Virus

How a name lead to hysteria

Police fiasco

An ill-advised prosecution

Hard knocks

An article from the Age


Alien attack!

I was born in Ivanhoe, Victoria, in 1934, and have lived around Melbourne ever since, apart from spells in England from 1935 to 1937, and from 1955 to 1957, and a year at Berkeley in 1964-65. My family moved to Mount Dandenong in 1942, where I acquired my interest in native plants, and I stayed there until I started University in 1951.

I graduated from Melbourne University with the degree of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1954. After spending two years in England I returned to Australia in 1957 and joined CSIRO. I resigned from CSIRO in 1973 and set up Cybec Electronics. In 1983 I joined Chisholm Institute of Technology at Caulfield (now Monash University Caulfield campus), where I lectured in Microprocessors and Instrumentation. In 1989 I wrote the first version of the antiviral software program Vet, and in 1990 I resigned from Chisholm to work full time on Vet. We sold Vet to Computer Associates in 1999.

When Sally and I married in 1969 we bought a little old weatherboard house on a quarter acre block in East Brighton for £6000. We built a new house in 1969, and I have lived there ever since.

When Vet started to make money we set aside part of our profit to fund scholarships, with the first scholarship at Trinity College at the University of Melbourne in 1995. Sally and I expanded our charitable work when we sold the business, and then Pat and I set up the Cybec Foundation in 2002.

Altogether we have assisted some 240 students with scholarships and other grants (to 2012), and a large number of other people through our social welfare and other programs.

Further information about our charitable activities and about Honours I have received is given on the Cybec Foundation web site.

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