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I was born in Ivanhoe, Victoria, in March 1934. Sometime in 1935 the family accompanied my father to England, where he had been posted to do a two-year course at the Imperial Staff College at Aldershot. We lived in a rented house in Camberley, and my first identifiable recollections come from this period. I have vague memories of the house, the garden, and of events on the trip home, made more memorable because the ship hit its propeller on a sand bank in the Suez Canal, and we had to spend three weeks living on the ship in a dry dock in Bombay.

When we returned to Australia we moved into a rented house in Fitzgibbon Crescent, Caulfield. I started school in 1940, and in 1941 my mother bought a house in East St Kilda. But shortly after this we had a holiday in the Dandenongs, and while we were there my mother bought a block of land at Mount Dandenong.

Life in Melbourne was quiet -- my parents had few friends, and not a great deal of social life, and we didn't take part in many family activities. I suspect that part of the reason for both of these is that my father was decidedly difficult to live with, having a vile temper, and often flying into a rage for no obvious reason.

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