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In the early 1940s many of the locals were the families of the original pioneers, and still had a strong pioneering spirit. One prominent family was the Dower family. Edgar was the estate agent who sold us our land, Bob ran the local dairy farm, and "old" Wally, who lived just down the road, was the odd jobs man.

When the older Dowers were young, their parents used to take them to the Melbourne Show each year. One year, when he was perhaps 14, old Bob saw a hand plough for 17/6d, and decided that he had to have one. He saved up all his pocket money for the following year, and at the next visit to the Show he purchased his dream. His parents, who were Scottish (and very dour), were disgusted at this frivolous waste of money.

The Crooks family lived below Kalorama, on the road to Sylvan, and one of the children was the local carrier. Another worked with Harry Reynolds, the local builder, who was the brother of Bob Dower's wife.

The Dodds family, which still had their original gloomy homestead on Dandenong Creek deep in the gully between Ridge Road and One Tree Hill had several children at Upwey, and had been involved in a local coaching company.*

The Jeeves family in Kalorama, which had several children at the State School, ran a bus service from Croydon to Mt Dandenong (and possibly other routes) and had a garage opposite the Store in Mt Dandenong.*

* See the section on 'Transport'.

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