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Students from form 5 in 1949

Betsy Metcalf, Judy Jenkin, Margaret Rogers, Bill Downie, Pete Freeman

Before the war it was common for children to leave school at the minimum leaving age which was 14. This corresponded to grade 8 in an old-style State School, or Form 2 in a High School, or Higher Elementary School, at which you could sit for the Merit certificate. The following year you could sit for a Proficiency certificate, and at Form 4 you could sit for an Intermediate certificate. I think this was the normal leaving point for children going on to technical schools.

Most of the remaining children left after Form 5, with a Leaving Certificate, and only those intending to go to University continued to Form 6, where they sat for the Matriculation exam, qualifying them for entry to the University (At that time Melbourne was the only University in Victoria).

Just after Pat died an article about me appeared in The Age, and several of my old friends, including Judy and Margaret, got in touch with me.

Margaret is active in helping refugees, and recommended Mukhtar Nazari, whom she had been supporting at Dandenong Secondary College, to me. He is now on a Cybec Scholarship at Medley Hall.

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