Childhood memories

In Form 6 a new girl - Marion Pearce - joined the class. Her father was a photographer who lived in Emerald, and one night towards the end of the year we were invited to her home for a party. This was the only real social event I remember taking place while I was at the school. We had a very pleasant evening, but there was no alcohol at all - indeed I don't think I heard of any of the students (at least among my friends) ever drinking alcohol. And we certainly never heard anything about drugs. Not like the drunken antics which seem to be considered essential today!

We had a school dance in a nearby hall at least once. I remember the excitement of preparing the hall - some polish was put on the floor, someone sat on some sort of pad, and a couple of us whizzed him around the floor by a couple of ropes, but I remember nothing at all about the function, so I can't have achieved any social success there. However I do remember being delivered home in the back of a furniture van after this, or some other forgotten late-night function, and seeing an aurora in the south - the first of the few I have seen.

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Senior years