Childhood memories

Jim & Joan Rutherford

Bathampton, Bathurst

Dick & Mary Riordan

Laramie, Blayney

Tom & Kath Machattie

Moonambil, Coonamble. 1

Tom & Kath Machattie

Moonambil, Coonamble. 2

Grando at Blayney

At the start of 1951 I had been accepted into Melbourne University, to study Electrical Engineering, but I had nearly 3 months free before the University started, and my mother had arranged for me to do a tour of my relatives -- my fathers brother, who lived in Blayney, and my mothers family, the Rutherfords, all descendants of James Rutherford of Cobb and Co, who were scattered around outback New South Wales.

I started with my mothers brother Uncle Jim at Bathampton, a family homestead some miles out of Bathurst on the way to Blayney. The land was relatively fertile, and by outback New South Wales standards, the property was relatively small -- perhaps a few square miles.

Next I visited Uncle Dick (Riordan), who lived just down the road in Blayney, with his wife, Mary, his mother Catherine, nee Stafford (Grando), and my cousins who were all somewhat younger than me.

Finally I went on to visit my mother's older sister Kathleen (Aunt Kath). She and Uncle Tom Machattie lived on the property Moonambil, out of Coonamble, on the other side of the Warrumbungle mountains, almost "Beyond the black stump". They had two girls, both a few years older than me.

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Meeting the family