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Childhood memories

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The Juttoddie


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The 'Logs

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Trinity College is owned and run by the Anglican Church, and until 1973 was exclusively for male students. JCH, next door, catered for the girls. Both attended services at the College Chapel, and as the girls sat opposite us in the choir stalls it did make the services a little more interesting. The main buildings then were Bishops, Clarkes and Behan.

After the First World War an old Army hut, known as the Wooden Wing, had been re-erected behind Clarkes, running towards JCH. In the main buildings each student had his own bedroom, and pairs of students shared a study, but in the Wooden Wing each student had his own bedsitter.

Normally freshman would spend their first year in the wooden Wing, but for reasons unknown I spent the whole time in Clarkes. In the first year I was downstairs, and my "wife" (College slang for roommate) was a law student from Bendigo with few social graces, but then I moved upstairs, and shared studies with three different (old style) fourth year medical students.

In those days the medical students spent the first four years studying anatomy, and by the time they got to fourth year they thought they knew everything. The following year they went out to the hospitals, and discovered that they knew nothing! After spending the mornings in the wards, they came back to College for lunch, and proceeded to regale us with gruesome tales of their morning's discoveries - just the thing to give us a good appetite!

Some of the medical texts (and especially Grey's Anatomy) were regarded as very rude, and were jealously guarded from the general public. However I was (and am) a voracious reader, and made a point of reading them all. Recently I was walking down Hampton Street, and noticed that the local bookshop had a reproduction copy of the classic edition of Grey's Anatomy sitting on a table on the footpath for $5.

I decided to buy it for old times sake, and as I bought it I commented to the girl "You're allowed to put this out in the street these days?" She looked at me blankly, so I explained that 60 years ago the medical texts were in a special screened off section of a single bookshop, which you could not enter without a medical student or Doctors ID card.

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