Roger Riordan: Visit to Berkeley 1964-65

Orinda was over the hills from Berkely, and the weather was quite different. In Berkeley fog sat over the city for the whole of the summer, so that the weather was entirely predictable and very boring, but Orinda, which was on the edge of the Central Valley, had a weekly cycle of weather. It would be fine for four or five days, and the temperature would gradually rise. Then, just as it was getting rather warm, a bubble of hot air would rise, sucking in cold air from the Bay region. We would have a couple of dull days and then the cycle would repeat. It never rained in summer.

Our house was in the hills above Orinda, and most of the surrounding hills were reserved as water catchment, and used for grazing, so we would look out on fields of cows. The house was a two-storey house on a steep hillside below the road, so the landlord's flat upstairs was on the level of the road, and ours was reached by a set of steps down from the road. This was a bit of a nuisance on shopping day, but most of the time the arrangement suited us very well. There were a few essential shops in Orinda, but it was really only a village, and if we wanted anything more substantial our nearest major shopping centre was Walnut Creek, on the way to Mount Diablo.

Comparitive map

Our patio

Our hillside

Local view

Nearby house

Longridge Rd

End of road

Our hillside

Meet the cows

Nearby house

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