Roger Riordan: Visit to Berkeley 1964-65

UC Berkeley (the Berkeley Campus of the University of California) occupies a large area north of Berkeley. There was a stream in one corner of the campus, and the ground sloped up from this towards the Berkeley hills. The grounds were spacious and attractive, with total area of 72 ha, and many gardens and lawns. (But so was Melbourne University's campus then.) The Campus is in one of most earthquake prone parts of the country, and the active Haywood fault crosses it, just behind Corey Hall.

The Lawrence Radiation Laboratories, which housed the world's first cyclotron, and the University Botanic Gardens with their magnificent collection of cacti, are (or were?) attached to Berkeley, but are on separate sites up in the Berkeley Hills.

In 1964 the campus had about 40,000 students, and this was thought to be one of its major problems, as it was generally considered to be too big to manage. According to its website it only had 36,000 students in 2012.

Sather Gate

Going to lunch

enjoying the sun

Ludwig's Fountain

Cactus Garden

Below Corey Hall

EE staff lunch

Eucalyptus Grove

Cactus Garden

Cactus Garden

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