Roger Riordan:Miscellaneous photos 1964

In the early 1960s there were two main airlines: Ansett-ANA, and TAA (Trans-Australian Airlines). They were flying the then relatively modern Lockheed Electras on their major routes.

Things were much more casual in those days -- on one occasion I was flying to Canberra on CSIRO business, when the hostess noticed me looking intently out the window, and asked me if I would like to visit the cockpit. Naturally I accepted with alacrity, and spent most the rest of the flight talking to the crew. The cockpit was comfortable and roomy, and had large windows giving the crew an excellent view.

My first flight was in early 1961, from Coonamble, via Toorawheena and Sydney to Melbourne. As we approach Sydney the bridge towered above everything else, much as it does in the photo below. On another approach, many years later, there was a light ground fog over Sydney, which completely obscured the Bridge, but all the high rises stuck up through it.

In the 1940s I lived at Mount Dandenong, and cloud sat on the mountain for much of the winter, but sometimes in clear calm weather fog would form over Melbourne, and the mountain would stick up like a ship in the "Mystic Lake", as in the right-hand image.

Television was introduced just in time for the 1956 Olympic Games, and the towers on Mt Dandenong were built then.






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