Roger Riordan:Miscellaneous photos 1964

These photos were taken on a visit to Townsville, and Magnetic Island, in August in the early 60s. We spent a few days with friends in Townsville, a few days on Magnetic Island, and then did a short cruise, visiting Palm and Bedarra Islands, among others.

One day we hired a Land Rover and went for a drive around Magnetic Island. We ran into a scrub fire, which didn't seem to be bothering anybody, so we watched it for a bit, and then drove through the freshly burnt country, dodging still smouldering logs.

The vegetation was dry and scrubby, but it was hot and rather humid, so that we couldn't walk very far. There was quite a good aquarium, but the snorkelling was not very good, so there was not a great deal to do on the Island.






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