Roger Riordan:Miscellaneous photos 1964

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These photos show a random selection of insects.

The meat ants live in vast numbers in large low mounds speckled with tiny pebbles, and obvious cleared ant roads lead off into the bush in all directions. The ants cannot sting, but they can nip you and spray their bite with formic acid, causing an unpleasant itch. The nests are often beside, or even on, bush roads and tracks so it is easy to tread on them. If you do so the ants will swarm out in large numbers, and will nip you if you give them the chance.

The bullant is a larger ant, and has a vicious sting, but it lives in rotten logs in much smaller colonies so it is less of a hazard than you might imagine from the quality of its sting and its size. They are not usually a hazard unless you are unfortunate enough to sit on their log, or stand on their nest.







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