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Softly, my Love, steal to my heart


Softly, my Love, steal to my heart.

My soul would share the joy of love,

My body waits

To bring to yours new life.


Be still my heart, for shy is she who comes.

A smile too few, a word too much,

The faltering step

Will cease, and turn, and go.

Fear not, my Love, we both must learn to love.

If fear you bear, I also fear,

No joy I’ll know,

If joy we cannot share.


But joy, my Love, shall be for ever ours,

Through gentleness, and patient hope,

And deepest love

Will come when hearts are one.


Roger Riordan Leicester 1955

This is the first poem I wrote. I was working in the English Electric plant at Whetstone, near Leicester, UK, and had recently got to know one of the girls in the office. I had been looking forward to seeing her at lunchtime, but found that she had had the day off sick. So I wrote this poem, to cheer us both up.
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