RR poems: Index of first lines


The sun sets


The sun sets, and my soul would rest.

Alone in the leafless trees I sit,

Dead the bracken that covers the earth,

Cold the rocks that hear my prayer.

Cold the sky that gives me light,

Cold my toes, and a lonely heart.


Where is the love that I fain would share?

How can I love if no love returns,

What shadows keep her soul from mine?

Why must I sit in the dusky wood,

Longing for love that I've yet to find?

Oh, God! What pain have I yet to bear,

Will ever I find the love I seek?

Must my soul e'er roam on a lonely peak?

Must my soul to my grave its burden bear.

Alone I was born, must I die alone?


Roger Riordan. Leicester 1956

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