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Homegrown Terrorists


Malcolm Turnbull may think we are safer from terrorists than the Belgians, but he is deluding himself - and trying to delude us. Most of the Belgian terrorists are homegrown, and we have a very high suicide rate among our young people. In the 15-39 age group the suicide rate was over 1,100 people per year in 2014. No doubt many of these people have a chip on their shoulder, and if they were approached by an IS recruiting agent and offered the opportunity to achieve a quick death - and kill a substantial number of their oppressors - while they were feeling down, some might feel very tempted, even if the promised heavenly rewards mean nothing to them.

The way to counter this danger is not to make life harder for the migrants - this provides easy pickings for the IS, but to welcome them and help them to fit into our community. But we must also remember that we will not be safe from home grown terrorists unless every member of our community feels that they are secure, valued as individuals, and can look forward to a meaningful life doing a worthwhile job with a standard of living which enables them to live in reasonable comfort and dignity, regardless of their age, sex, race, the social status of their parents, where they live, or the school they went to.

Unfortunately the Liberal Party is still pursuing Abbott's dream of "Bringing back the Good Old Days", with him and his big-business friends in the Castles, and us swine in the slums and the poor houses and working in those "Dark Satanic Mills", and them pouring boiling oil on us if we get uppity, and this policy is guaranteed to breed our own homegrown terrorists.


Roger Riordan

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Homegrown Terrorists