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Finding your way round

This website can be thought of as a library containing a number of bookcases, each with several shelves holding books on related subjects.


The website has a tree structure, starting at the home page, and gradually branching out, until, eventually, you reach the leaves, or final pages.


Each page may be an index, with links to other pages, and often some descriptive notes as well, or some information, or even a tool to do a particular job.


An index page may have a series of thumbprints, with or without captions, in which case both the captions and the thumbprints have attached links, it may simply have a list of links, or a mixture of the two. Whenever a piece of text has an attached link it is underlined.


To move down the tree click on one of the links on the current page.

Sometimes a page with a photo will have a link to some additional information. This link normally takes the form of an Exclamation mark on a yellow shield, in the bottom right hand corner of the page.


Every page has a set of three navigation keys in the bottom left-hand, and another in the top right-hand, corners. You can move horizontally through the given level using the left and right arrow keys in either set, and you can move to the level above by clicking the UP arrow.


When you reach the limits of the level the appropriate arrows are greyed out. At the top level the UP arrow is red. Pressing this will restart the program, and you may have to log in again.

At present there is no overall index, and the only way to explore the whole site is to follow each link in turn.

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