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Index structure


Photo Album

Type 3 index page

The Cydalba Album Engine


This program was originally designed for preparing photographic albums, but has been extended to work as a general-purpose web page display program. It can handle a wide variety of data, in a variety of formats, and can serve as either an album or a database.

Data is stored in text files which have a reasonably comprehensible format, and which can be edited with virtually any editor. Editing facilities are provided for some of the more important files.

A sophisticated directory structure is used which permits several websites to share one engine, all under the one host directory. All the related websites can share any of the data directories.

Login facilities are provided and each user can be allocated to a particular privilege group, ranging from Visitor to Manager. Each index file and each entry may contain a list of the groups allowed to access it.

When an index file is loaded only those entries which the current user is allowed to see are loaded, without any indication that anything has been omitted. It is also possible to specify different starting pages for different classes of user, so that a visitor may be shown a completely different page from a recognised user.

If a user tries to access a page he is not permitted to see (for example if he tries entering random addresses, or addresses copied while watching a more privileged user) he gets an error page.

The home directory for the particular website is the only directory accessible to the user, and in the standard setup it only contains the file index.php, and images which have to be accessible to the user.

It is possible to have separate production and developmental copies of each main directory.

Files are reasonably compact -- the data file for a 1000 entry client database is 175 kB, and the accompanying index file is 35 kB, and the response time is normally reasonably quick.

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