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A few of our photo albums
This index is Cory_V2/Design/Folder.ndx
The include file is Cory_V2/Design/Design.php

An index page can have:

  • One or more indexes with optional headings
  • An image and optional caption
  • An explanation

Each index can have an arbitrary number of rows and columns

If there are more items than cells to display them you can scroll through the items with the left and right arrows

Each item can have any combination of an image, a caption, and a subtitle

The image and the caption will both have links to the same target

A type 1 webpage will have the indexes arranged vertically on the left, usually in a single column

A type 2 webpage will have an index across the bottom of the page, often in a single row. If there is no image or explanation the index can expand to fill the whole page

A type 3 webpage will usually have a primary single column index on the left, and a single row secondary index at the bottom.

In principle each index can be broken into several sections. When this is done the 2nd section is usually a secondary index (eg. for links to related websites)

This is a type 1 index page (ie it has a single vetical index on the left)
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