Spaced out!

There are a large number of prerequisites we would have to satisfy before we could even begin to think about finding a new home. I would guess that it would take us some centuries to satisfy these.

The first would be to become completely at home living in space. We could probably learn how to do this by:

1. Setting up a large permanent space station as a base for our travels. This could be done either at one of the Earth-Sun Lagrange points, or at one of the Jupiter-Sun Lagrange points. The latter would be much better for long trips from the point of view that the energy required to escape from it would be smaller, and there would be much less danger of interference from the other planets.

On the other hand it would cost much more to travel between it and Earth, and the optimum times for these journeys would occur less often. It may be advantageous to set up both; one for local trips and the other for interstellar ones.

2. 'Island hop' around the solar system to see if we could find any useful resources, and to gain experience in living in space for long (multi-lifetime) periods.

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