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All this would require a very large ark, with everything we could conceivably need - if we found we had forgotten the sugar there would be no popping down to the milk bar for it; there would not be the slightest possibility of getting it delivered, and it would take many years to get an answer to even the most trivial question.

I am almost certain we will never leave our earth but if we managed to develop the required technology it would require hundreds of thousand of years to evaluate any accessible potential new homes, send survey trips to the promising ones, and finally - IF we found anything which seemed to be suitable - to send an ark, loaded with everything we could conceivably need, to it, and then establish our new home. I suspect that Hawking's 'thousand years' is optimistic, but it is irrelevant; there is not the slightest chance of our escaping from the solar system in time to save the race.

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