Roger Riordan: Selected early photos

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Opal mine at Coober Pedy

Three Mile Field, 1960

I bought my first more or less usable camera on the ship on the way to England in 1955. In the next 20 years I did a lot of black-and-white photography (I even had a proper darkroom built into our new house in 1969), and took some very nice photos, but I doubt if it is worth the effort of trawling through endless envelopes of negatives to find the good ones.

In about 1959 I began to be able to afford colour film, and I bought a much better camera, and most of the early images in this album date from this time. A number of these photos are of historical interest -- I spent the 1964-65 academic year as a visiting lecturer at Berkeley, and had the good fortune to witness most of the major upheavals of the Free Speech Movement.

I generally used Agfacolour transparency film, but unfortunately this has aged badly, fading to a blueish tint. Occasionally I used Ektachrome II, which had a warmer tone, but this has proved to have been even less stable.

UK 1955-6

Kings Canyon


Australia 1961

Australia 1964

California 1964-5

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