Riordan & Rutherford families

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Sally, Adrian & Peter Riordan (~1968)

This section contains notes about my parents families - the Riordans and the Rutherfords, and my two wives - Sally Yeo and Patricia Herman (nee Burrows)

My father Adrian William Riordan (1903-1966) studied at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. In 1930 he married Roslyn Newell Rutherford (1893-1979). They had 3 children; Richard (17.3.32-14.4.04), Roger (b 24.3.34), and Julienne.

My mother was a granddaughter of James Rutherford, of Cobb & Co fame, and was born on a property out of Bathurst, NSW. When WW1 started she began training as a masseuse, and after she graduated she worked in military hospitals in England and then France in 1917-18. Her family kept her letters home, and these are reproduced here. After the war she became active in the Girl Guides in NSW.

In 1931 my father was posted to Victoria Barracks in Melbourne, and the family remained in Victoria, apart from 2 years in England (~1935-36) while my father did a course at the Imperial Staff College.

I was born in 1934, and on 24.6.61 I married Shirley-Anne (Sally) Yeo. We had 3 children - Peter, Adrian & Sarah, now scatttered round the world.

Sally died unexpectedly in 1999, shortly after we had sold our successful AV business, and in 2000 I married long time friend Patricia Herman. We had had 10 happy years together, and went on many exciting trips, but then Pat died of cancer in 2010.

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Cronulla 22.12.1930

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