Riordan Family history

Brass container for seal

Detail of the Arms

The motto is Keep faith, in English and Gaelic

Seal of the Clarenceaux King of Arms

The Arms cost my father £81/10/-. At the time my father was attending a course at the Imperial Staff College at Aldershot, England, and we were living in Camberley. I have a book containing receipts of my mother's and, by way of comparison, at about the same time she paid £51/9/- for a fur coat, £21/-/- for an Electrolux vacuum cleaner in a polished wooden box (which seems very high by today's standards) and £102/5/5, including registration and insurance, for a Morris Major Saloon.

In 1939 blocks of land in East Brighton, Australia (the suburb where I live) were advertised at £5/-/-. My mother employed a live-in mothercraft nurse, who went to England with us, and I think she was paid £1/7/6 a week.

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The Riordan Arms

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