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Burnley College: Cassandra McLean Memorial Scholarships


Dr Cassandra McLean


For some years Dr Cassandra McLean, a Senior Lecturer at Burnley College, which comes under the Faculty of Land and Food Resources, at the University of Melbourne, had been working on problems relating to the propagation of native plants, and in particular on the symbiotic relationship between particular plants and particular fungi.

In 2006 the Foundation agreed to fund a scholarship for a research student in this area.

Initially the students receiving these scholarships were be working on various aspects of this relationship, as it affects the propagation of native plants.


In 2009 Dr MacLean succumbed to breast cancer, which she had been fighting some years, leaving a husband and six-year-old daughter. In 2010 the Foundation agreed to rename this scholarship the Cassandra McLean Memorial scholarship, in recognition of her academic achievements, and her courageous fight against overwhelming odds.

The first holder of the new scholarship waws appointed in 2010.

Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne




Emily McQualter: The propagation of native orchids

Emily completed her Masters Thesis in 2009. In 2010 she is spending 8 months as an Australian Youth Ambassador at the Gelacio I. Yason Foundation-Family Farm School (GIYF-FFS) in the Phillipines.

GIYF-FFS is a very small yet effective organisation with a committed staff and very low overhead costs. It is in one of the very poorest areas of Oriental Mindoro, and has done some very positive things in the 5 small impoverished farming, fishing and indigenous communities it serves.




Emily McQualter





Kate Lee: Kate holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science - Honours class 1. from the University of Queensland. She is interested in environmental psychology, and her thesis will be on "The psychological implications of green roofs".




Kate Lee



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