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The Cybec Foundation

Support for the Environment


The Riordan family has long had a strong interest in the environment, and the Foundation supports a number of projects for the preservation of the environment. Several of its scholarships also have a strong environmental component.

Environmental projects include:




Royal Botanic Gardens: Jim Willis Fellowship


Healesville Sanctuary: Annexe to Lyrebird Enclosure


Trust for Nature: Pallister's Reserve


Healesville Sanctuary: Veterinary Scholarships


Royal Botanic Gardens: Cybec PhD Scholarship


Trust for Nature: Homestead at Ned's Corner


Cydelia Reserve. This is owned by the Foundation

Ned's Corner, NW Victoria

The Foundation has paid for the refurbishment of the homestead as a centre for environmental research


Healesville Sanctuary: In 2000 the Foundation paid for the construction of an annexe to the lyrebird enclosure, to facilitate the handling of the birds, and the provision of services to them.

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Pallister's Reserve is a substantial area of farm land north of Port Fairy. It had been partially cleared, and is being revegetated. It is of high environmental significance as a refuge for local native flora and fauna, and is home to many species of native birds, including brolgas. In 2000 the Foundation heard that there was a possibility that an adjacent block of farmland could be added to the Reserve, and offered to pay for it, if a realistic price could be negotiated. Unfortunately this could not be achieved, but since then the Foundation has made a regular contribution to the maintenance of the Reserve.

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Ned's Corner In 2003 the Trust for Nature was able to acquire Ned's corner, a large property west of Mildura with a 35km frontage to the Murray River. The property had previously been used as a sheep station, and was seriously degraded, but still represented a very important remnant of the original native flora and fauna. Latrobe University has a campus at Mildura, with a strong emphasis on environmental studies, and was very interested in using Ned's Corner as a field station for its students. To facilitate this the Trust wanted to convert the homestead, which was rather rundown, into a centre for environmental studies, with working areas and accommodation for the students. In 2004 the Foundation agreed to pay the cost of refurbishing the homestead. It is expected that this work will be completed by spring, 2005.

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The Bird Observers Council of Australia In 2005 the Foundation made a substantial donation towards the construction of an Interpretative Centre at the The Clarkesdale Bird Sanctuary at Linton, Victoria. It is hoped that the the Centre will be completed in Spring this year. The Foundation has previously made several smaller donations towards the cost of the management of the Sanctuary at Linton, Victoria. This is an old farm, which has been revegetated to provide a permanent sanctuary for native birds.

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The Foundation has also made minor donations to other environmental projects, including:

The Derinallum-Lismore Community Association, to assist in the purchase and management of Mount Elephant. This is an extinct volcano, which had formerly been farmed, but is now being restored as a nature reserve.

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The Cydelia Reserve is a 160hA block of bushland of high conservation value in the Grampians. It is owned by the Cybec Foundation, and is administered as a Conservation Reserve by the Friends of Cydelia Reserve Inc., an association of interested local residents, and representatives of conservation organisations.

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Lagoon at Clarkesdale Sanctuary


Native Grassland at Cydelia Reserve

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