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Veterinary scholarships: Healesville Sanctuary


The Foundation's relationship with Healesville Sanctuary began in 2000, when it funded extensions to the RACV Lyrebird Enclosure to facilitate the management of the birds.

Then the Foundation set up a scholarship enabling a student to study for the degree of Master of Veterinary Science at Melbourne University, based on practical work conducted in the Veterinary Hospital at the Sanctuary. In 2005 a second scholarship for a PhD student was set up.

The holders of these scholarships are:



Dr Phillipa Mason. Her thesis was titled Clinical Indicators of Rehabilitation Success in Wildlife.



Dr Kelly O'Sullivan (Masters student). Clinical research investigation into the health of endangered wildlife.

Kelly has had a life long interest in wildlife and after graduating from Melbourne University in 2000 worked initially in mixed practice at Wonthaggi, Victoria. Kelly has since undertaken a number of locum roles. In many of these she was the sole practitioner. Her most recent position was an extensive wildlife locum at Currumbin Sanctuary.



Dr Jessica Feder is undertaking a PhD Research Program with Melbourne University’s Department of Zoology.

She will be evaluating a number of endangered species recovery projects in the region, to try to determine the best ways of conserving our endangered wildlife.

Jessica has already played an important role in the recovery of Victoria’s bird emblem, the Helmeted Honyeater, as a field biologist and co-ordinator of volunteer activities.


Franciscus Scheelings

Franciscus Scheelings

Cybec Scholar 2007




Dr Franciscus Scheelings. Franciscus graduated from Melbourne University in 2003, and took up this scholarship in 2007, after working in private practise, and as a locum with the Zoo, at both Melbourne and Healesville. He is studying the potential for parasites to spread from captive reptiles to their carers.


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Senior Vet, Dr David Middleton, and Dr Phillipa Mason, holder of the first Cybec scholarship at Healesville Sanctuary, with an orphaned baby platypus, which was successfully reared in the Sanctuary Hospital.

Phillipa has completed her studies, and is now a member of the staff of the Veterinary Hospital at the Sanctuary. She is currently on maternity leave (mid 2006).

Kellie O'Sullivan examining patient

Photo courtesy of RACV


Jessica Feder.

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