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The Cybec Foundation

The Koiki Mabo Trust: Newcastle University


Address to the students 1999

The Koiki (Eddie) Mabo Trust Fund was inspired in 1999 by Roberta Sykes' autobiography Snake Cradle, and was established at Newcastle University at her suggestion. The University had just established a preliminary year for indigenous students interested in a career in medicine, during which the students were introduced to the various medical disciplines, and the University was able to advise them on the career for which they were best suited. The Fund was initially intended to enable four students each year to undertake this course. However it was soon realised that students completing this course could not continue without further support, and now one or two new students are offered a place in this course each year. If they then decide to undertake one of the courses available at Newcastle, their scholarship continues for the duration of their chosen course.


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The following students have received assistance under this program:

Katie Halvorsen & Rebecca Kuhn (2003)



Luita Casey - did not continue



Alanie James - did not continue



Mary-Anne Matthews - did not continue



Katie Halvorsen: Nutrition & Dietetics - did not continue



Rebecca Kuhn: Radiography - Fate unknown



Beimop Tapim: Bachelor of Medicine - graduated 2011



Tuguy Esgin: Bachelor of Medicine - did not continue



Frank Bobongie Bachelor of Medicine - making slow progress



Markeeta Marr - did not continue



Joel Wenitong - progressing well



Jessica del Bianco - progressing well



Eleanor McCall


In 2005 The University of Newcastle awarded Roger Riordan the Degree of Doctor of the University (Honoris causa).

Tuguy Esgin (2005-)

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