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The Cybec Foundation

Special Scholarships


Bond University

Hunting-tower School

Gippsland Grammar

Macflite Training

St Hilda's College

University of Adelaide

University of Melbourne

Victoria University

Normally scholarships endowed by the Foundation are funded on an ongoing basis, and administered by the host organisation. However the Foundation occasionally funds one-off scholarships. In exceptional circumstances the Foundation may also support individuals directly.

Bond University. Special scholarship:

Toby Innes is in the final year of Medicine at Bond University. After his father died in tragic circumstances in 2008 he was awarded a scholarship to enable him to complete his course.




Toby Innes Final year medicine

Toby plans to return to Melbourne to begin his training as an intern. He will then enter the Basic Physicians Training Program, and hopes to begin research into understanding the body's protective mechanism when starved with oxygen. He intends to use the human body's physiological response to hypoxia experienced at high altitudes as the basis of his research. If successful this could potentially revolutionise the management of acute coronary syndrome.


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Toby Innes


Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne: In 1999 Cybec Pty Ltd funded two scholarships under the University's Partnership Scholarship Scheme. The holders of these scholarships were:




Patrick Sunter: Batchelor of Engineering (Software) (Hons). Patrick is currently a Software Engineer at the Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing Ltd.


Ryan Kelly: Batchelor of Engineering/ Batchelor of Computer Science. Ryan is currently (2005) studying for the degree of Masters by Research in Computer Science at the University of Melbourne. His thesis topic is "Reasoning in Agent Programming Languages"

Patrick Sunter

Cybec Scholarship 1999-2002, Melbourne University


Ryan Kelly

Cybec Scholarship 2000-2003, Melbourne University

Gippsland Grammar School. Special scholarships:

In 2007 Jane Gerrand was critically injured in a car accident, leaving her family in very difficult circumstances. Scholarships have been awarded to her two children, Charles and James, to enable them to continue their education at Gippsland Grammar.




Charles Gerrand



James Gerrand

Charles Gerrand & James Gerrand

Special Scholarship 2009 - Gippsland Grammar School


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Huntingtower School. Special scholarships:

Several members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra send their children to Huntingtower, as the syllabus has a strong musical component. When first violinist Gerard van der Weide died tragically in 2003 the Foundation set up a special scholarship to enable his two daughters, both gifted musicians, to continue their education at the School.




Lucy van der Weide Lucy obtained her VCE in 2006.

In her spare time she was coaching two netball teams and umpiring, and also competing on the track for Blackburn cycling club. She was awarded a Lothian Scholarship for her final year, and is currently studying Veterinary Science in the University of WA.


Fiona van der Weide Fiona obtained her VCE in 2008.

She was studying voice and viola and has been accepted into the Young Voices of Melbourne. She is also taking ballet classes and is an assistant ballet teacher.


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Lucy Van der Weide

Special Scholarship 2002 -

Huntingtower School


Fiona Van der Weide

Special Scholarship 2002 -

Huntingtower School

Macflite Training. Special Scholarship:

Macflite Training, which was based at Coolangatta Airport, provided training for commercial pilots. In 2003 James Knagge, a young descendant of the Mununjali people, of South East Queensland, applied to the Foundation for a scholarship to enable him to complete the Macflite course. As there were very few indigenous pilots, the Foundation agreed to his request, as a special case. James completed his training at the end of 2005. He is currently working as a commercial pilot.




James Knagge


      Unfortunately Macflite Training ceased operating in 2009.

James Knagge

Special Scholarship 2003-5

Macflite Training

St Hilda's College. Special Scholarship:

St Hilda's College is one of the Residential Colleges attached to Melbourne University. Ryan Tessier was recommended for special consideration by the Mallee Family Care Organisation. Ryan is studying for a degree in Computer Science, majoring in graphics and digital media.




Ryan Tessier


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University of Adelaide. Special Scholarship:

In 2010 the Foundation had allocated Megan Torpey a place in the Indigenous Eye Health program at the University of Melbourne, but she was unable to take it up for family reasons. In 2011 she decided to transfer to the University of Adelaide, and the Foundation agreed to give her a special scholarship there.




Megan Torpey


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Victoria University. Special scholarship:

In 2011 mature age student Tatiana Pajo applied for a special scholarship to enable her to study advanced massage at Victoria University




Tatiana Pajo


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Latrobe University (Bendigo Campus). Special scholarship:

In 2011 former Medley College student Thomas Ngor applied for a special scholarship to enable him to study nursing at Bendigo




Thomas Ngor


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Murdoch University. Special scholarship:

In 2011 Dr Verné Dove, who received a Cybec Grant to attend the Wildlife health seminar at Tooronga Zoo in 2008, applied for a special scholarship to enable her to conduct surveys of the health of river dolphins in S.E. Asia & South America




Verné Dove


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